Lawrence Jones, M.Ed.

Adjunct Instructor

INLS 161: Tools for Information Literacy Recitations 605-606
INLS 560: Programming for Information Professionals

School of Information and Library Science lbjones[at]

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This Carolina Cloud Account Website serves as a better curated archive of various materials that I have used in teaching INLS 161 classes since Spring 2017. Sometimes in teaching a session I am reminded of something, so this is the page that helps me find it quickly.

Also included here are currently used supplemental resources that may or may not be in a specific course site.

INLS 161 Quick Links



Command Line


Web Development




Sorts, Filters, Pivot Table

Data Display and Page Setup

(Page setup is what we skipped in the first class)

Note: The recording for Mac version for Chart 1 did not record properly. Therefore, Mac Users will need to pause the recording and look at the slide show below for Mac screen shots. Mac Users can view the PC recording for Chart 2. the steps and screen shots are the same for both platforms.


Presentation Pages

Graduate School Online Teaching Course final Website Project

This final synthesis project was built with PHP server scripts and Javascript for the quiz portions.

Record of all Sessions Taught at UNC