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SQL Entry

Create a Query

The error and warning message is displayed at the bottom of the page because the Run Query Box form field is empty.

Copy and paste this code in the Run Query box:

SELECT tblBook_Title, tblBook_Topic
FROM tblBook
WHERE tblBook_Title LIKE '%freedom%'
ORDER BY tblBook_Title

Then click the Run Query Button to get some data results.

You can try other queries. To refine, you can copy your most recent run, paste back in the run Query Box, and run it again. You can refer to the reference table on the home page to build a custom query. The database tables are in the navigation links above. Look through the data to find search ideas.

If you navigate away from this page, your most recent run will disappear; so, if you want to save your query, copy and paste it in a text file before your leave the page.

Warning: mysqli::query(): Empty query in /opt/app-root/src/book-database/sql-entry.php on line 46

Most recent run:


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch_row() on bool in /opt/app-root/src/book-database/sql-entry.php:50 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /opt/app-root/src/book-database/sql-entry.php on line 50